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Johannesburg-based Medical Professionals Specialising in Breast, Bone and Cervical Care

The Women’s Health and Mammography Institute provides treatment services in female-centred healthcare. We address a range of conditions and specialise in screenings as well as care in the following areas: breast cancer, diagnostic digital mammograms, osteoporosis and bone density scans, cervical cancer screenings, pap smears, ultrasounds, and specialist procedures like biopsies. We utilise cutting edge digital technology for mammograms and have the capability to perform stereo-tactically guided biopsies. Our in-house specialist takes a holistic approach to women’s health and acknowledges that disease needs to be addressed on a psychological, emotional, spiritual and not only on a physical level. Supported by the advances in technology and medical treatments for breast cancer, we are ready to help our clients and make a difference in their lives. [link to services page]

Breast, Bone, and Cervical Care

Early Detection Screenings

Why We Are The Preferred Healthcare Choice for Women

• We are the preferred provider for vacuum assisted breast biopsies.
• We are trusted by GP’s and other specialists.
• We offer a dedicated, professional service run by women, specifically for women.
• What sets us apart is affordability. We accept all medical aids including Discovery KeyCare.

A Note to the Men, Partners, and Relatives

Whether you’re interested in learning more about women’s health issues or would like to access information about how specific illnesses might impact someone close to you, we are pleased to play a role in creating awareness. Feel free to reach out about our screening services and browse our FAQs section to find out how mammograms benefit the women in your lives– whether it be a mom, sister, daughter, partner or wife. Your role in supporting your loved-one is invaluable.

Where to Find Us

We are conveniently located in a plush and sophisticated practice with a modern spa ambience at the Killarney Mall Office Towers.
Patients have secure parking within the mall and can access mall facilities when they come for their examinations.

Women’s Health and Mammography Institute

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60 Riviera Road
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